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Whatever was officially created in 1996 by Reggie Chew, as a way to help the “time-impaired” regain control over their increasingly hectic schedules. Says Reggie, “these days, people want to focus more on their families and the things in their lives that mean the most to them. After a hard day at the office, dealing with odds and ends at home is the last thing on their minds. I was always the one that people would call to get help and advice about all sorts of different subjects. So I created Whatever as a resource for ordinary people to turn to get some help. Everybody needs help sometimes.”

About the name, Reggie says,  “Nobody’s needs are exactly the same, and to be honest, some of the tasks I’m given don’t always fall neatly into a single category. ‘Whatever’ seemed to be the best way to describe what I’ll do to get the job done.”

After completing a 4-year stint as assistant house manager for a family in Palo Alto, Reggie is back on the scene, ready to help you get back to whatever it is you would rather be doing.

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