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House manager / Personal assistant / Errand service
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Here are just a few of the accolades that Whatever has received:

“I always thought that these types of services were only available to the rich and famous. WHATEVER makes me feel that I am the most important person. No matter how big or small the job. Reggie gets it done. He listens, assesses the need and puts a plan in action. He makes it look so easy that I wonder why I was stessed in the first place. At home or at the office, Reggie's the guy to get it done.”
John M., Regional Sales, San Francisco, CA

“He definitely has the knack for looking after houses, apartments, flats, etc for short or long periods of time. Whatever the price, it was not enough compared to the peace of mind in knowing that the job would be done. I give my full recommendation.”
Eric I., Business Owner, San Francisco, CA

“WHATEVER has consistently accomplished the specified tasks assigned, exceeding my expectations in every case. Reggie seems to understand what I'm looking for, even when I have only a vague notion. In many cases, I'm presented with a number of workable options. I can trust Reggie to choose items that require a sense of design and good taste, and he knows where to go to get the best price.”
Rich B., Art Director, San Francisco, CA

“I have contracted with Reggie Chew and WHATEVER on a regular basis for the past five years to help manage my busy household of two working parents and two small children. Mr. Chew has consistently exceed my expectations with his can-do attitude, efficiency and creativity. In short, WHATEVER always delivers.”
Sharon G., Marketing Director & Mother of two, San Francisco, CA

“His smile and that laugh are contagious.”
Michelle A., Artist, San Mateo, CA

“In 1999, I purchased a three-unit building in San Francisco. Reggie was instrumental in not only helping me to recognize the remodeling opportunities and potential floor plans, but also the many phases of research needed for completion of the project. Reggie recommended and to a large extent, managed the daily activities of the contractors necessary to complete the remodel. Reggie was also a invaluable resource during my interior design efforts. He has a unique knack for understanding my personality and tastes and providing recommendations that accent the same.”
Russell R., Sales Director, San Francisco, CA

“Reggie accepts every challenge with a smile and ‘can-do’ attitude. He is a very outgoing and pleasant individual who represents our family well in all his duties. I am happy to recommend Reggie and WHATEVER to anyone.”
D., Venture Capitalist, Palo Alto, CA

“This service pays for itself.”
Toby K., CPA, Los Angeles, CA

“Reggie’s thoughtfulness and enthusiasm make it obvious he loves working in a household environment. He is willing to do absolutely anything and is upbeat and cheerful no matter what the task. Reggie is responsible for errands, phone calls, making travel arrangements, caring for pets and other miscellaneous items. Reggie presents himself with dignity and clarity; I have the utmost confidence when he represents us in our day-to-day affairs.”
Sheri R., Estate Manager, Palo Alto, CA

“Reggie is a household staff member / personal assistant for one of my loyal, long-term interior design clients. I have had a twenty-year history with this particular family and their various households and have witnessed an increased need over the years for professional home assistants. When their lives became busier and needs changed, they were fortunate to find dedicated workers such as Reggie. He has always taken care of them in a proper, courteous and professional manner. He is adept at ‘wearing many different hats’, whatever the task.”
John M., Interior Designer, San Francisco, CA

“I was presented with choices and samples complete with product service information and prices. The product chosen was not only the best for the situation, the money saved was worth the service.”
Steven M., Real Estate Broker, Burlingame, CA

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