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House manager / Personal assistant / Errand service
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Whatever can do “whatever” you need, so don’t worry if your task doesn’t quite fit into one of the following categories. This is just a sampling of the services that we provide.

• Assessing, prioritizing and performing various daily errands, including drycleaning, household supplies, pickup/drop-off, and others

Shopping and Procurement
• Grocery shopping, meal planning, and outfitting pantry
• Personal shopping, including clothing and accessories, and health/hygiene/beauty items for children and adults
• Recommending interior design items in accordance with decorator plans
• Researching and locating difficult-to-find items from sources worldwide

Moving and Relocation
• Outfitting and setting up new residence locations
• Managing moving services
• Coordinating special services for moving fine art and valuables

Event Management
• Researching location and obtaining permits
• Menu planning and managing catering service
• Coordinating entertainment services
• Managing staff in preparation of and during event

Travel Services
• Researching and booking comprehensive travel arrangements for family, friends and staff
• Planning itineraries and recommending local events and attractions
• Coordinating arrival & departure times with airport or jetport
• Arranging airport pick-ups, transfers, rental cars and limousines
• Housesitting

Automobile Care
• Maintaining vehicle appearance at “showroom” level
• Scheduling and facilitating vehicle maintenance
• Obtaining estimates for detailing, paint and bodywork services
• Transporting and dropping-off vehicles at remote locations

Home Renovation
• Researching and recommending remodel options, including floor plans, materials and appliances
• Managing contractors and suppliers

Calendar Management
• Prioritizing and monitoring appointment calendar

Pet Care
• Scheduling veterinarian visits, including transportation
• Maintaining medical records and files on shots and vaccinations
• Coordinating dog walker service
• Scheduling grooming and boarding/kennel services
• Confirming daily care routine

Fine Art Handling
• Logging and managing inventory of artwork at various locations, including residence collections and pieces on loan to museums
• Confirming insurance on newly-acquired pieces
• Contracting and managing restoration and conservation services

Home Systems Management
• Managing lighting, heating, a/c, air purification, water softening & purification, pool/spa systems
• Managing phone and computer systems, including hardware & software recommendation and installation, Internet connectivity, and peripherals

Security Systems Management
• Scheduling alarm maintenance and upgrades
• Responding to false alarms and troubleshooting

Accounts Payable
• Logging household charges
• Maintaining household and personal check ledgers and petty cash

Special Projects
• Managing household inventory, including offsite storage facilities
• Implementing emergency plans
• Creating and maintaining earthquake and emergency preparation kits
• Managing real estate-related tasks, such as obtaining permits and researching land variances

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